"Laboratorios ALPHA NATURA SAC", through its division of Natural Herbal Dietary & Nutritional Supplements, develops its NATURA line of Herbal Supplements for worldwide export. Our Products run the range of ancient Peruvian Medicinal Plants. They are elaborated in Peru from traditionally (read: organically) grown ingredients bought directly from native farmers from the Andes highlands and the Amazon basin. Our products comply with the world-class certified quality control processes and are tested and certified before export by internationally recognized standards-test labs.


Laboratorios ALPHA NATURA SAC promotes the knowledge and use of ancient Peruvian medicinal herbs as parallel, not alternative, medicine. We also promote Fair Trade by purchasing directly from native farmers in rural Peru. Our products are chemicals-free and never tested on animals because they have been proven to work their natural powers over millenia, handed down to us through the different pre-Inka and Inka cultures. One of our corporate responsibility goals is to reinvest part of our profits into educational projects that benefit our source communities.

Peru has a great Biodiversity along its three Natural Regions (Coastline, Highlands and Rainforest) and along its agricultural climate zones.  Laboratorios Alpha Natura SAC, provides through its Natural Herbal Dietary & Nutritional Supplements, a great (and still expanding) selection of the best that Nature has to offer in Peru.

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